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Oil & Gas

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Pinetree is a  long time investor in the oil and gas market, having started investing in this sector in early 2003 when oil was trading at $30/barrel. Pinetree believes oil prices will continue to remain elevated (over $50/barrel) into the future, driven by supply and demand issues. Elevated oil prices allow high risk, high cost discoveries to become economic. Our oil and gas investment focus is on the junior exploration companies operating in and around the Alberta Oil Sands and international oil companies.  International oil companies are also attractive to Pinetree because unlike in Alberta and other oil developed nations, international oil companies are able to accumulate significant land packages which are still available and have the potential for significant discovery.

Sector Themes

  • Better than expected recovery in Chinese demand 
  • Declinding non-OPEC supply and OPEC storage capacity
  • Shrinking reserves per well and average productivity
  • Rising marginal cost

Oil & Gas investments as at December 31, 2014. 
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Total fair value
% of total fair value
$13,220 $3,950 33.4


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